What Size Computer Monitor Is Best For You?

The size of computer screens has made huge leaps and monitors now come in a variety of sizes to suit all users and their needs.  

The size of a computer monitor is spoken of in inches, even in countries that use the metric system. These "inches" refer to the size of the entire monitor and not the screen itself – to get the measurement of the screen, subtract one or two inches from the "monitor size" to account for the casing around the edges. So how many inches do you need?

Bigger is not always better. Computer monitors are now commercially available in sizes of up to 30". For most users, a screen that big would be impractical and cumbersome. The average monitor is 15", though most users would prefer a size between 17 and 20 inches.

When looking for your ideal computer monitor, ask yourself these questions:

What will you use your screen for?

If you work in industry that deals with visual media, a large screen may be necessary. If you are mainly using your computer for word processing and surfing the web, a smaller screen would be better suited to your needs. However, large monitors can be used as secondary screens, set aside for viewing films, online video content and other media.

Do you require high resolution?

Generally speaking, larger screens have higher resolution. While average users won't notice the difference, graphic designers, animators and other visual artists will benefit from the shaper image thanks to a higher number of pixels per inch.

Before you buy, check that the monitor allows you to decrease the resolution when necessary.

What kind of space do you have?

Is your desk already cramped? Measure the space you have available and ensure that your desk will be strong enough to hold the monitor's weight. Check that your set up won't create back strain– will you be bending your neck to see your screen? Also take into consideration how far from the monitor you will be able to sit – using a large screen up close can cause eye-strain, as can using a small screen from far away. Ergonomics says that your screen should be at least 25 inches away from your eyes and no more than 35 inches (though farther is always better).

Where to buy?

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