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Offsite Quota

Quick 10GB $17.50 per month
Quick 25GB $30.00 per month
Quick 50GB $45.00 per month
Quick 100GB $70.00 per month
Quick 150GB $90.00 per month
Quick 200GB $110.00 per month
Quick 500GB $235.00 per month
Quick Custom 65c per GB ($11.00 min per month)

Additional Replication

Additional Replication copies your data to a second server, further increasing data safety.

Local Replication (2nd Server, Same Data Center, $0.15/GB)
Remote Replication (2nd Server, Different Data Center, $1.00/GB)

Setup Assistance

QuickBackup will contact you to remote in and install and setup your backup

No, I do not need setup assistance
Yes, I do want setup assistance over the phone (Free service)

Quota Limit

We will automatically notify you as you reach your quota limit, however in the event we can either automatically increase your plan and limit so the backup continues (this option is recommended) or the alternative is to stop the backup, in which case backup will fail.

Automatically increase plan (Recommended)
Stop the backup

Exchange Mail Level Backup

Microsoft Exchange mail level backups

mailboxes ($1.65 per month each)

Virtual Server Backup

Microsoft Windows Virtualization ($5.00 per VM per month)
VMware ($5.00 per VM per month)
Lotus Domino / Lotus Notes ($15.00 per month)
Oracle Database Server ($15.00 per month)

Hard Drive Delivery

We can mail you an external drive which you can load your initial backup onto. The data on the harddrive is encrypted the same way as it would be if you sent it over the internet.

No, I do not want a hard drive dispatched
Yes, I do want a hard drive dispatched ($25.00) (Recommended)

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